How to Renew an Expired CNA License

by Maria Pavel on April 18, 2011


So, you have been working as a registered CNA for a while and, for whatever reason, you had to stop. Now, things have settled down in your life and you would like to get back into the swing of things again, but you are worried that your CNA license might not be valid any longer.

The good news is that you can renew your CNA license fairly easily. You won’t have to worry about taking all those classes again if you fit into a few categories for license renewal.

The first one will be your work history. Your work history is a key factor in whether or not you can get your CNA license renewed. In most states, you will have had to have worked within the last 24 months as a registered CNA.

This may vary between states, so you should contact your nursing association to make sure of the time frame. If you have, then the first step is already done for you.

The next step will be in filling out your states renewal form. This will require you to provide all the information on the form and have either your current or past employer fill out the rest. Once your employer has filled out the rest of the form, you will need to mail it to the address for your license renewal office. It may take a few weeks for the paperwork to go through, so give it time to process.

How to Renew an Expired CNA License

How to Renew an Expired CNA License

Some states have the ability to show you the progress of your renewal by checking online. Even though they offer this option in some states, you should still give it a week or so before checking. If you have not worked in the past 24 months, or they reject your renewal for whatever reason, you will have to take the exam again.

Some states may require you to take the training course again before you can take the exam, so make sure that you check with your state to see what their regulations are. If you do need to take the exam again, then you can set up a time for that through your local nursing facility. Retaking the exam shouldn’t be hard if you have been working as a CNA for a while.

If you do not pass the exam, then you will have to retrain in order to take it again. While this may deter some people from trying to renew their CNA license, this should not stop you from at least trying to get your licensed renewed.

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