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by Maria Pavel on October 5, 2011

When you’ve made the decision to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, or a CNA, the final hurdle that you must clear before being allowed to work in any facility is passing the CNA exam. Passing this test is vital to your becoming eligible to work as a CNA as well as being listed on your state’s Nurse Aid Registry. If you’ve worked hard in your classes and on your skills, it shouldn’t be too difficult to pass the CNA exam. This is the test that evaluates your knowledge, abilities, and skills needed to be a CNA and consists of a written test and a clinical exam.

On the written part of the exam, you’ll be tested on such things as your understanding of patient care, knowledge, skills, and common sense that you should have learned in training. A lot of CNA training programs provide material with notes, books, and journals that help you learn how to become a CNA. If you’re lucky enough to get into a program like this, you should definitely use them. This guarantees a way to score higher on the CNA exam. They not only help you build your confidence in your training but they also help you prepare for the exam.

If you’re worried about whether or not you’ll pass the CNA test, there are ways to prepare so that you stand an excellent chance of passing it. Just do the following:

* Review your study material as much as possible. You’ll see this on the written portion of the exam.
* Practice your skills in a real nursing environment. Since these skills will need to be performed as a part of the exam, you’ll need to know how to do them correctly. You and your classmates can also practice together.
* Practice with sample exams from the written section. You’ll find many of these sample questions on the Internet. You should practice at least two of these.

The clinical part of the exam has you demonstrating basic skills that a CNA is taught during training. These skills include such things as checking vital signs, changing bedding, and transporting a patient. You may be required to bring along a volunteer to demonstrate your skills on. This is a huge part of the exam so be sure that you’re totally prepared with your skills. Any CNA clinical classes that were taught by experienced instructors shouldn’t be missed. Pay close attention to in these classes. They’ll play a huge part in getting you prepared for the CNA exam.

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