How to Open a CNA School

by Maria Pavel on September 19, 2011

The role of a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, is an important one when it comes to the health care field. As you may imagine, the training course that someone chooses to take has the ability to make them an outstanding CNA or make them only just this side of competent. As the need for CNAs grows daily, the need for good training schools also grows.

If you’ve been working as a CNA yourself, you may be interested in opening your own CNA school. It can be rather involved to do this, but it’s certainly not impossible. Following are the steps you need to take in opening a Certified Nursing Assistant School:

1. Obtaining needed funds: As with most new business ventures, the first thing you’ll need in starting a CNA school is enough money. You can do this several ways ranging from getting a loan yourself to getting investors to fund raisers to federal and state grants.
2. Find your school location: Rent the location that you’ve chosen for your school. This location needs to have classrooms, administrative offices and lab areas. You’ll also need to contact some long term care facilities for the clinical experiments students need to do in their training.

How to Open a CNA School

How to Open a CNA School

3. Employ staff: When you’re hiring instructors, keep in mind that your school needs a state registered license that’s current. In addition to qualified instructors, your school needs a support staff to take care of answering the phone, dealing with public inquiries and enrolling students.
4. Plan your curriculum: Your course curriculum must include everything that the students need in order to pass their Certified Nursing Assistant exam. These include textbook and classroom instruction as well as clinical, hands on instructions. There are some specific skills that all CNAs must possess. Make sure your students learn them.
5. Set forth policies and procedures: These are the things that help you in managing your school and any issues that may come up.
6. Accreditation: It’s essential that your school is accredited. This is done through obtaining state approval so that your students can be approved to work as a CNA once completing the course at your school.
7. Outfit your school with needed equipment: Your school will need things like chairs, desks, tables, and sound and video equipment. You’ll also need other things like over-bed tables, hospital beds, and wheelchairs so your students can practice with them.
8. Advertise your school: Once you’ve received state accreditation, begin advertising and promoting your school. This can be done through general marketing and advertising.

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