Cost of CNA Training

by Maria Pavel on September 28, 2011

When you’ve decided that you want to become a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant, the next thing on your list may be trying to find a course that you can afford. While the passion for learning may be there, often the money is not. However, these courses vary in cost and there are some that you can even get into for free.

The average cost of CNA training ranges from $300 to $1,500, depending on many factors. The main deciding factor for cost is what the school is and the platform they use to provide the education. Online classes for a CNA can cost a bit less than traditional classes you take in a college setting.

If money is an issue, check to see if you qualify for any of the various student aid options. The fastest way to do this is to go to and complete a free student aid application to see if you qualify for any federal student aid such as the Pell Grant. There are also scholarship programs as well as other types of financial aid. Before you give up on your dream of becoming a CNA because of financial issues, get your information.

Cost of CNA Training

Cost of CNA Training

There is also free CNA training offered under certain conditions. These are typically work programs offered by hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes. The way this works is that you get your training while working for a particular facility. They’ll train you for free but, once you pass the state exam and become certified, you must agree to continuing working for them for a specific time. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to pay them back for training you. This is actually an excellent option for someone without the funds to pay tuition. On top of the work training program, you’ll typically be drawing a salary while you work. In that way, you don’t have to work two different jobs while you’re getting your CNA training.

To find out other options such as scholarships and special funds available, contact your local State Board of Nursing. They can alert you to the many scholarship options available at your local colleges. These are usually based on meeting financial criteria, and if you qualify, you can receive your CNA training completely free.

It’s not impossible to get the money you need to complete a CNA training course. You only have to check out all options available in your area before finding just the right one. In addition, with the demand for CNAs growing all the time, there are more and more programs being developed to assist in getting interested people trained.

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November 8, 2011 at 11:59 pm

Hi Maria,

You know, having read this article, it seems that this is really a great investment. Not only is there an increasing demand for quality medical professionals, but the cost of the training for certifications is very reasonable, even in a down economy.

Great info!
Cat Alexandra

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