CNA Training In Washington, DC

by Maria Pavel on March 26, 2011

Becoming a CNA in the District of Columbia requires a bit more than other states. In fact, with most states, you must have so many hours of clinical and classroom studies before you are certified; but D.C. requires a minimum of 45 hours in the classroom, 30 hours in the lab, and an additional 45 hours of hands on clinical studies in order to be able to take the certification exam. This high standard of requiring 120 hours of training makes CNA’s in D.C. some of the most qualified in the medical profession.

Unlike other states that will allow CNAs with certification to take the exam without class work, D.C. still requires that you take the above mentioned training regardless of what state you are currently certified in. This means the training will go much easier for those that have already been certified in a different state, but you can’t just sit in on the exam and become certified. Because of this, CNAs in D.C. are some of the highest paid in the nation with an average of around $25,000 a year. You definitely get paid for the work you are doing and advancement is easy compared to some other states as well.

Programs for CNA training are easy to find in D.C. and the surrounding area. Most nursing facilities and community colleges in D.C. offer a training class as well as hospitals and vocational instruction facilities. Most of these training facilities will offer free training for people that are willing to sign a contract with a health care facility or even be reimbursed for their effort. While it may seem like it takes a lot to become a certified CNA in D.C., it is well worth the time and effort that is spent in getting there.

You can contact any nursing home or hospital in your area to find out when classes are being held or you can contact the facilities that are doing the training first hand to find out when and where the classes are.

For further information you can contact:

CNA Training Course - Bethel Training Institute

CNA Certification Class - St. Mary’s Health Institute LLC

Nurse Aide Program - Capital Health Institute

Certified Nursing Assistant Training School - Comprehensive Health Academy

CNA Center - J.C. Inc. American Institute of Professional Studies

Nursing Assistant Class - Nursing Enterprises, Inc.

There are plenty of other places that offer CNA training, but these should be able to get you started with finding the right facility for you. Some also offer night classes to help those that are currently employed.

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