CNA Training In Idaho

by Maria Pavel on March 30, 2011

In order to become a registered CNA in Idaho, you are going to have to complete a state mandated training program. A perfect place that you can do this is through the Southern Idaho College, and it costs roughly $400. There are plenty of other facilities that can offer you training to become a CNA, and those can be found in just about any hospital or long term care facility in your area.

The training program will consist of 120 hours in total, and 80 hours of that time will be in the classroom. The other 40 will consist of clinical training that is supervised by a registered and state trained nurse or physician that is currently working at the facility you are being trained for.

Growth in the long term care sector is showing that there is always going to be a need for competent CNAs in any state and Idaho is no different. If you are trained and registered as a CNA in Idaho, you can look at an annual income of around $21,000. This, of course, can be higher depending on how many hours of training you have in a more hands on program.

You will also be able to make more if you have previous experience such as being registered as a CNA in another state and moving to Idaho. If that is the case, they will look at your work history and determine how much higher your pay will be based on your communication skills and what type of work you excelled at.

There are plenty of facilities in Idaho that offer CNA training programs and almost all of them will reimburse the student if they are planning on working at the same facility that their training is being held at. This is great news for people that may not be able to afford the training program but really need to start a new and rewarding career as a registered CNA.

For more information regarding CNA training you can contact:

Lewis-Clark State College – Workforce Training at the North Lewiston CNA Training Center

North Idaho College CNA Course in Coeur d’Alene

Boise State University offers a Nurse Aide course at the Technical Services Building

Clearwater Health and Rehabilitation Center nursing assistant Course in Orofino

These are all state certified by the Department of Health and Human Services in Idaho and offer some of the best training in the state. Make sure to ask how many hours of the training are actual hands on training as they will give you the best chance of higher wages.

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