CNA Training In Hawaii

by Maria Pavel on June 30, 2011

The state of Hawaii has some pretty strict regulations when it comes to training to become a CNA. First off, they require the training program to be administered by a certified nurse that has over two years of experience in the nursing field. They also require a minimum of 100 hours of training before being able to take the exam.

These 100 hours are divided into a minimum of 30 hours of study in the classroom and the remainder of 70 hours to be done in a clinical setting. All of this training must be overseen by the nurse or any other registered medical physician that has a minimum of two years of experience.

Although they are strict about training in Hawaii, if you are certified in another state and move to Hawaii, you will be able to bypass the training requirements and move on to take the exam. If you are, then, unable to pass the exam, you will have to take the training program before you are allowed to retest. Hawaii also has a reciprocity program meaning you won’t have to take the exam if you are already certified with another state as long as you fill out the application and Hawaii accepts it.

With the job growth for CNAs expected to rise in the coming years, this is the perfect time to get out there and get your training. Hawaii has one of the highest annual salaries for CNAs out of the entire United States and the pay is expected to rise as well. If you have the experience from working in another state and you are accepted for the reciprocity application, then you can jump into the work force at a much higher rate than someone who has just finished their training.

There is also a great prospect for furthering your medical career by first becoming a CNA in Hawaii. Their advancement training will help you move forward with your medical career, and most facilities will offer you the ability to take their training programs for free as long as you are going to continue to work for them. If this is something that you would like to get into, then taking the training programs in Hawaii might be the best way to get started.

For more information into state regulated training programs you can contact:

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Healthcare Training and Career Consultants, Inc. – Honolulu Hawaii

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Hawaii Health Care Institute

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