CNA Continuing Education

by Maria Pavel on April 14, 2011


When you become a Certified Nursing Assistant, there are classes that you need to take in order to be eligible to sit for the state licensing exam. The class typically includes a total of 75 hours of training that’s divided into classroom training and hands on training in a clinical setting.

Once you’ve become certified, you can start working in a health facility. However, you must also continue your education credits each year that you work in the health care field. When you do, it improves the care that you give to your patients. It also acts as a way of finding out any legal or policy changes in the profession.

The easiest way for a lot of people to continue their CNA education is to do it online. These are convenient when you’re working so that it can be done on your schedule. You can also do it right from the comfort of your home so that you can relax and not have to worry about getting off of work and making your way to a physical location. Online CNA classes also usually have study guides for any tests that you may need to take.

If you don’t know where to find a class, you can ask your employer if they know of any continuing education classes for CNAs. Since your employer will also benefit from you taking continuing education classes, many times you can get tuition paid for or reimbursed. Many facilities actually provide continuing education and training to their staff on an ongoing basis.

Check with your state’s official nursing board. They’ll be able to tell you locations and times of various CNA continuing education courses. You should also be able to get some guidance as to which courses are accredited and which ones to stay away from.

Your local community college should also have some classes you can take to continue your CNA education. A lot of times they will also offer online classes for you to take. That can actually work out great for you.

Contact the hospitals closest to you to see if they offer any continuing education classes for Certified Nursing Assistants. It’s quite possible that you’ll find what you need there because hospitals need a lot of health care staff and may even have their own CNA classes.

Once you’ve located the classes you need to take for continuing education, you’ll be able to keep up with how often they’re held and how often you need to sign up for them.

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jacqueline September 6, 2011 at 3:40 pm

Hi, i just received my cna liscense and it already will expire this december 2011. i just had a baby and am not planning on working until the beginning of next year, how do i keep my liscense from expiring if im not working??? im excited to work but am not ready yet due to my newborn.

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