Certified Nursing Assistant Training Courses

by Maria Pavel on June 22, 2011


To become a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, an intensive training course must be undertaken and passed. While the training course can teach the mechanics of looking after patients, it’s even more helpful if you have a caring nature and enjoy helping others is something you enjoy.

There are many places that a CNA can work once they become trained and certified. The first person you see when reporting to a doctor’s appointment may be a CNA. They are also employed by hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Certified Nursing Assistants fill in the vacancy of time between the doctors and the nurses with the patients. Since there’s no way that doctors and nurses have the time to do absolutely everything for all patients, the CNAs turn out to be an essential part of health care.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training Courses

Certified Nursing Assistant Training Courses

In a training course to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you’ll be taught the following:

1. How to check vital signs: This means that you’ll be taught to read body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and the respiratory rate of patients. If anything is not registering as normal, you’ll be taught Crisis Management to handle the situation.

2. Providing the best care possible
: The next thing you’ll learn in CNA training is the best way to care for someone while they wait for the doctor, before and after surgery, how to feed patients, clean them, change them, change bed linens, and generally do what a patient needs for you to do, depending on their situation.

3. How to achieve a kind and professional bedside manner: This part of the training is most important to Certified Nursing Assistants that work in hospitals or nursing homes. A bedside manner is the technique used to gain a good relationship with their patients. Each CNA is taught how best to handle their patients while allowing their most appropriate bedside manner. Kindness to the patient is required and may help that patient more than the best medicine.

Certified Nursing Assistant training generally takes 12 weeks, depending on where you live. CNAs are taught everything from first aid to rehabilitation. This is the first step in the certification process. Once the candidates have passed the certification exam, they can begin working at their chosen facility.

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