Certified Nursing Assistant Practice Test

by Maria Pavel on October 2, 2011

People trying to enter the field of Certified Nursing Assistants need to do their research on the sorts of practice tests that are available to help them study for their certification exam. These tests have been created so that you can tell which areas you’re weakest in and need to focus a bit more study on before you go in to take the real exam. When you use these practice tests as part of your study process, your chances of passing the exam go up significantly.

Certified Nursing Assistant Practice Test

Certified Nursing Assistant Practice Test

Before you stress out too much over this exam, check to see if your state requires this exam to become a licensed CNA because the requirements are different from state to state. Also, be sure that the tests you’re going to be using for practice are a good representation of the questions you’ll be asked on the real examination. If you’re studying the wrong questions, chances are you won’t do so well.

There are even classes that are organized simply to prepare you to take the licensing exam. These will become available to you once you’ve completed your training class and are eligible to sit for the exam. It’s a great idea to take this class if you find yourself really nervous and doubtful as to whether or not you’ll pass the exam.

There are some organizations that offer a special clinical training course that’s monitored and supervised as heavily as the final exam is. In this way, you won’t be so nervous because you’ll be used to all the supervision. The areas focused on in these courses are different from one state to the next.

Look around on the Internet and you’ll find several websites offering practice test questions for the Certified Nursing Assistant exam. If you can spend some time with these questions and incorporate them into your studying, you’ll feel a lot more at ease when it comes time to take the actual exam. It’s a good idea to try to find practice questions that are associated with your state so that you can be sure the questions stand a good chance of appearing on your particular exam.

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November 8, 2011 at 12:11 am

Hi Maria,

Nice insight here about due diligence prior to taking the Certified Nursing Assistant exam. I think that with all things worth doing in life, “practice makes perfect” is not only a good idea, but also something well worth the time investment. Just like in high school, they recommend the PSAT before taking the SAT so that one knows better what to expect.

Great common sense!

Best regards,
Cat Alexandra

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